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Inspiring Story of the Week ~ MISS DeYOUNG by Adrienne Drake, M.D.

Inspiring Story of the Week


by Adrienne Drake, M.D.Tales2Inspire winner logo

When Adriienne was seven years old, her parents wsent through a bitter divorce, and she and her brother had front row seats.

When the time came for them to leave their home and she asked why, the only explanation her mother gave her was, “Your father doesn’t love you anymore, so we are going to move to a new house.” 

Adrienne wondered what she had done to make him stop loving her, and what she could do to right this terrible wrong. Her mother was right about one thing. They were moving to a place where the schools were much better than in the place they were leaving. But the first day of school in her new third grade class was another nightmare. Although school had always been her refuge, she was now as lost in school as she was in life. Soon her teacher, Miss DeYoung, noticed her distress. For the rest of that year, she spent every lunch hour with this lost little girl until she mastered her Roman numerals and gained so much more.

Inspiring storyh of caring teacher, Miss DeYoung

While her mother smelled of alcohol and cigarettes, Miss DeYoung smelled like fresh roses. She became a quiet, stable presence in Adrienne’s life

Adrienne forfeited every lunch hour to be with her and do additional work. And that is just the beginning of a story of dedication on both sides of the aisle. 

Adrienne is a three time Tales2Inspire® winner, including this story, Saving Tiny Tim and Art of the Soul.


Miss DeYoung is now published in

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