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Try looking in the monthly archives. May 2016

Claudia Domb

Congratulations to Claudia Domb, winner of two Tales2Inspire Awards,
for her inspiring stories:
The Miracle of Maggie 
Daisy, The Goldendoodle

 Claudia brings us two inspiring stories about animals. She used to be certain the reason things happened always became evident in time. She was sure they often had […]

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Dayle Finn

Congratulations to Dayle Finn
winner of a Tales2Inspire Award

for her inspiring story, Sampson and Delilah

Dayle Finn first heard about Sampson and Delilah from her mother and just couldn’t resist such an inspiring story. So she wrote first as a short story and entered it into the  Tales2Inspire competition. Now Dayle has  written this […]

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