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Inspiring Story of the Week: THE SWAN by Linda Bond

Inspiring Story of the Week


by Linda Bond

The humorous story of a lost dog named Daisy

Linda had been living without a kitchen for two weeks when all the madness began. This long-awaited project was the biggest home improvement undertaking she had ever tackled. Home decorating—paint, curtains, throw cushions— a piece of cake. But being entrapped in a gutted-to-the-drywall kitchen reno? This new experience had become a sea of torture for her as each of her carefully executed plans began falling apart. For the third night in a row, she had begun eating herself into a cookie coma. Her hair, normally coiffed to perfection, was now beginning to look like it had been done with a mix-master! It was madness. Sheer madness. And Linda was not happy with how she was handling it. The lid had blown off her coping strategies. 

And then one morning, as Linda attempted to ease her five-star headache with her fourth mug of extra strong coffee, she sat on the far end of the balcony. Lifting her eyes from a steamy Jackie Collins novel, she spotted a singular, pearl-white swan, bobbing with a rhythmic cadence in the tranquil waters below.  Its serene image gaves her pause and perspective.

To learn her secret, you must read The Swan, a story filled with humor, but also with an underlying Stronger Today message.

The Swan, an inspiring story now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection


The Swan is now published in these two collections:

Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection
Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection


Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection – Series IV



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Linda’s shares her story, published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection with family and friends

An Inspring story of a swan on a lake published in Tales2Inspire The Opal

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