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Inspiring Story of the Week – TRIUMPH AFTER TRAUMA by Maria Jordan

Inspiring Story of the Week


by Maria Jordan

Tales2Inspire Winner

One balmy Wednesday morning in June, 1999, Maria had a spring in her step as she started her day. She was Nursing Director at the largest State Hospital in Pennsylvania and loved her work. She loved her home. She loved life in general. Don’t get me wrong, her responsibilities could wear her out, but overall she felt like she was at the top of her game – strong, centered and purposeful in life. 

Maria Jordan triumphs over trauma

Maria kept physically strong by walking most days and dancing with Alvin, her energetic black Labrador Retriever. Then out of the blue on this sunny June day, the worst nightmare of her life began.


The Nightmare Begins

A crazed male nurse, whom Maria had terminated several months prior, burst into her office. He was brandishing a gun, and in a blink, she felt searing pain in her right wrist and chest. The sound of gunshots filled her head,  propelling her into a chair, collapsing in a heap. She watched in horror as bright red blood melted into her lime green blouse.

From start to finish, the nightmare of being held hostage lasted forty-six hours. This translates to 2,760 minutes. 


Survival Through Stregth and Determination

Maria didn’t speak over those hours, as she didn’t want to further provoke this drug-impaired man. Her mind, however, was going a mile a minute. She conjured images of the many strong women in her life, both alive and dead. She imagined their words of empowerment, support and love.

Her rescue and recovery are the next part of this inspiring story, the must read parts that have enabled Maria to become the Stronger Today woman that she is today.


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