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by Adrienne Drake, M.D.

Saving Tiny Tim is the inspiring story of  a Monarch Butterfly, a woman and the lesson she learned from this tiny creature.

Adrienne discovered this injured butterfly when it fell from its chrysalis and landed on the ground. Noting that one of its wings was crumpled, she put it in a corner of the garden to die. But the next day, although its wings were still fluttering, it was unable to fly. Its deformed body could do nothing more than turn small circles on the ground. Should Adrienne take a rock and mercifully end it’s suffering with a single blow? She thought about it for a moment but instead, brought it inside and placed it on the kitchen counter in a small basket with flowers.

Adrienne was surprised by this butterfly’s tenacity to live. By the next afternoon, she decided she would try to help this tiny creature survive. Using an old insulin syringe, she placed a single tiny drop of sugar water directly into the center of each of the flowers in the basket. Then she watched with amazement as this butterfly unfurled her tiny drinking straw, probed the petals and then placed its slender tip directly into the droplet. As she sipped, the drop grew smaller, then disappeared! At last she was eating. Adrienne dared to hope that perhaps she could save her life. She even gave her a name. She called her Tiny Tim.

The inspiring story of what one woman learns from this injured Monarch Butterfly

Over the next several weeks, Tiny Tim began to trust her caretaker. She even became excited when she saw her, especially if she had the small feeding syringe in her hand. She even let Adrienne know when she was hungry by gently fluttering her wings. But as time passed, it became apparent that Tiny Tim was losing her battle with life. It reminded Adrienne of patients she had watched cling to life, trying desperately to eat with shaking hands. By morning, Tiny Tim was gone.

Sometimes, when we long for something we can not name, what we need most will find us first. Tiny Tim came into Adrienne’s life at a time when she, too, needed help. Something in Tiny Tim’s battle reminded Adrienne of her own. When you read this beautiful story, you will learn how saving Tiny Tim saved her as well.

This story if now published in the updated edition of Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection

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