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Inspiring Story of the Week: Small Steps

Inspiring Story 

Small Steps

Finalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

by Marilyn Janson

 This is the inspiring story of a woman who, after years of isolation, took Small Steps to reneter the world.

Great News! Sixteen months of COVID restrictions, isolation and frustration had passed. States across the U.S. were again opening their doors to the public.  Beaches, pools, restaurants, theme parks, movie houses, theaters and airports were beginning to open again. But Marilyn was not ready to turn the page on this pandemic. Fully vaccinated, with the 90% effective Pfizer-BioNTech, she should have felt safe.  But she was still not confident to attend events ouside her home.

Why? She had suffered from an anxiety disorder for many years, a condition know as agoraphobia. No wonder she felt vulnerable among the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers in her home state of Arizona. She could easily have had groceries delivered, booked video appointments with doctors; to avoid stepping outside her home. But she refused to imprison herself, again.

An inspiring story of conquering Agraphobia

After many months of living in near isolation, she started taking small steps back into the world. A whole new life opened up to her. Best of all, she began to share adventures with her husband, Ed.

Small Steps is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book 1 and

Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection – Series V

Contest Winning Memoirs by Tales2Inspire



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