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Inspiring Story of the Week: You Remembered – We Will Never Forget

Inspiring Story of the Week

You Remembered – We Will Never ForgetFinalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

by Alice Laby

This is  the inspiring story of how Alice’s grandson helped her pivot to an important new chapter in her life.

Ethan was only eleven years old when he unknowingly became a mentor to his Nana, Alice. With eleven simple words, he brought her to an important new point in her life.

As most preteens, Ethan wanted his privacy. Alice understood this, and wanted to respect his right to be want to be alone with his friends. So she knew that he certainly wouldn’t be happy if his Grandmother showed up at a school presentation for his sixth grade class.

Ethan’s dad warned her that Ethan wouldn’t be happy to see his Nana there. But Ethan’s older brother, Lawrence had invited her.  And because the presenter was a Holocaust Survivor, the family all knew that this would be a topic of particular interst to her. You see, because Alice’s father had emigrated to America from Poland in the 1920’s, she had a particular interest in eastern European history. So she explained to Ethan that she’d attend the presentation, but would sit in the back of the room and just nod to him.

Imagine her surprised when, a few days before the event, Ethan asked her if was still planning to go to his school the following Tuesday to listen to the Holocaust Survivor’s story. He remembered and didn’t seem to mind.

Inspiring story of how a grandson inspires his nana in Tales2Inspire - the Moonstoe Collection

And here comes the most inspiring pat of this story . . . 

Something happened on that cold January day, when the Holocaust Survivor gave her talk, something that would change the course of Alice’s life.  And she owes it to her grandson, Ethan.

You Remembered – We Will Never Forget

is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book 1


Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection – Series V




3 Responses so far.

  1. Jeff Rimland says:

    How do I get a copy of this story

    • LoisWStern says:

      This story is published in the Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Colletion – Bk 1 and in Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection V (a combo of Moonstone 1 and Moonstone 2. I haven’t gotten them to the Islip book store yet.

    • LoisWStern says:

      Not sure which story you are referring to, Jeff. Please explain.

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