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Inspiring Story of the Week: The Tao of Doing Nothing


THE TAO OF DOING NOTHING Finalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

by Tom Collins

With so much  news about police brutality, Tom offers us an alternative policing method with this inspiring story.

Denzel jumps up from his chair in a rage. Agitated, he paces the floor of his social worker’s office yelling, cursing and frightening everyone in the office. I am the first officer to arrive to this Disorderly Conduct call. What do I do? 

This is the inspiring story of an America Buddhist monk trained in Japan who brings his Zen practice and Chinese Taoist philosophy back to the streets of New York, as a self described “Dharma cop.” His encounter with an agitated, emotionally disturbed man tests the depth of his commitment and compassion. 

Inspiring tory of an alternative to police brutality

Can he maintain the inner stillness to just listen, to stay open to hear someone’s pain, even as they yell and curse at him? Can self discipline and a quiet demeanor accomplish what action and force cannot? Join Tom on one of his dramatic and volatile encounters, as he attempts to embody the true meaning of “peace officer.”

Can mindfulness be practiced in the gritty world of law enforcement, under the stress of volatile street encounters? “How would the Buddha handle this,” is Tom’s daily mantra. Join him as he shares his inspiring story of his fascinating journey to discover what compassionate policing can be.

The Tao of Doing Nothing

is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book 1


Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection –Series V

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  1. Adrienne Drake says:

    Lois, I loved how you gave new meaning to the words “Peace Officer.”

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