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Inspiring Story of the Week ~ Random Harvest

Inspiring Story of the Week

Random Harvest

by Janet M. Rudolph

Finalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

Random Harvest is an inspirational story of healing in the face of trauma.

Mine is a story that spans forty years, as well as the thresholds of life and death. It began with an improbable reuniting with an old friend.  This unexpected reunion led to miraculous happenings, communications after death and a pathway to forgiveness.

As a child my parents beat me for mixing up their birthdays, an easy mistake as they fell only a week apart. Their abuse continued for years. As a young adult, living in NYC, I was the subject of a brutal attack that nearly destroyed me. And then my mother betrayed me further by publishing a book about my ordeal. After she died, I was bereft that we could never reconcile.

But then, through numerous adventures that on the surface seemed unrelated, my life reversed its course. I received several miraculous tools for healing. These included meeting Susana, an indigenous Ecuadorian medicine woman. I then received a healing message from my parents, delivered through the veils of death.  Next, and equally amazing, a dear friend I hadn’t seen in years materizlized, holding memories for me that I had forgotten. Woven together, they brought me a healing and reconciliation I never could have thought possible.

I am so blessed.

A Tales2Inspire winner, published in Taled2Inspire The Moonstone Collection

Random Harvest is now published in 

Tale2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book 2




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