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Inspiring Story of the Week: My Love Affair Witth Alan Alda


An Inspiring Tales2Inspire Story

by Lois W. Stern

I’m about to reveal a secret I’ve rarely shared with anyone, well that is until I published it in my latest Tales2Inspire Collection. I’ve had a long standing love affair with Alan Alda . . .,  my guess is for over thirty years now. The truth is that I only followed him from afar at first, initially being smitten by his Hawkeye Pierce performances in the popular television series, M*A*S*H. How I looked forward to those weekly TV episodes! 

My secret affair was subtle at first, more like a school girl crush back then. But in retrospect, I now realize that despite the blatant humor in that series, I was gradually beginning to recognize something else. That something was my feeling that deeper messages were lurking there, ready to be discovered.

One day I read something he had written that inspired me so deeply that I  grabbed a pen and jotted it down, word for word. It’s as if he had written it especially for me. I have since typed and framed it, where it hangs on my office wall, giving me daily inspiration.

Thank you Alan Alda. You truly have been an inspiration to me, enriching my life in wondrous ways and pushing me forward.

This story is published in the Epilogue of

Tales2Insopire ~ The Diamond Collection – Series V



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