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Maria Jordan

Maria Jordan,

a two time Tales2Inspire® winning author,

for her stories:

When Compassion Replaces Fear


Triumph Over Trauma


Maria’s winning story, When Compassion Replaces Fear, is about how she slowly built trust with a homeless veteran. As their relationship grew, Maria discovered that they had more in common than either of them ever realized.

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Maria’s inspiring story, Triumph Over Trauma, is the harrowing tale of how she was held captive for over forty-six hours by a drug addicted former employee. emerging physically weaker, but stronger in some significant ways.

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Winning story publoished in Tales2Inspire Opal Collection


Maria Jordan was born and raised moments from historic Valley Forge, in peaceful Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Throughout a thirty year nursing career, Maria achieved a graduate degree in the field of Mental Health Nursing.  A rewarding leg of her nursing journey was spent serving the homeless on the streets of Philadelphia. Today Maria works as a Professor at a local university, with a specialization in Holistic Nursing.  She enjoys helping students get in touch with their inner creativity through the writing process.

Maria has her own blog at

which she introduces with the words,

As a nurse and a teacher, I urge clients and students to strive for balance with all matters in life. Self-care is paramount to all else.  As a writer, I share pieces of life’s wisdom I have learned along the way in my fiction, poetry and inspirational essays.


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