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Inspiring Story of the Week: The Magician

Inspiring Story of the Week

The Magician

by Ilene Walker

Winner #Tales2Inspire #Inspiring Story

This most inspiring story makes us stop and think:

Can we actually connect with our loved ones after their death?

Ilene had been putting off cleaning out some of her father’s belongings for a number of years. She just didn’t  have the strength to go through some of what he had left behind when he died. So she had stored his stuff away towards the back of a closet, to put off for another day. It was never an easy task to go through a loved ones precious items after they had passed away.

The day came when she and her husband decided to downsize and move to a new residence. it’s a chore that had to be done. Her Dad had been an amateur magician. Throughout Illene’s years of growing up, he always entertained the family with one magic trick after another. Her mother, sisters and their families were constantly delighted by these magic tricks. What a time they all had laughing and watching together! While a teen, Ilene didn’t just watch. She was also her Dead’s “magician’s assistant”, .so this task of cleaning things out was especially difficult and dreaded.

Magiic Tricks for Tales2Inspire

Something magical happened when she and her sister finally decided to go through those boxes. The events that followed brought them to believe that their father’s magic transcended both time and possibility, into the realm of the unknown. This amazing story allows her readers to open up their minds, hearts and souls to the possibility of connecting with a loved one.

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