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Inspiring Story of the Week – My First Journey to Japan

Inspiring Adventure Story

My First Journey to Japan

by Tom Collings

Winner #Tales2Inspire #Inspiring Story

This is a Great Adventure Story with many touches of humor.

When Tom finds himself in the dean’s office, he is at the most elite training center in Japan. IIST is the acronym for the government Institute for International Trade & Industry. This is where the best and brightest young corporate executives sharpen their business and English skills before being sent overseas. They are the next generation of Japan’s corporate elite.  

Tom had been hired as an associate teacher of English. The only problem was he knew nothing about teaching or English grammar, and described his spelling as atrocious. 

He couldn’t just get up and walk out because there wss a contract, and his visa stated “English teacher” at IIST.
Sure, he could teach the brightest students at this elite school while having zero teaching experience or knowledge of the subject matter.  No problem.
“Help! Get me out of here! How did I get myself into this mess?  What should I do ?”
Tales2Inspire The Jade Collection Adventure Story
What happened next defies all logic and expectation, in the most wonderful ways!  

Read this story to learn how a know nothing like Tom became the most popular and effective fellow on the faculty. What a blast he had while immersing  himself in the lives of his Japanese students and their culture.

This story is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Jade Collection

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