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Inspiring Story of the Week

Bounty of Riches

by Lois W. Stern

I hope this story inspires some of you to recognize the possibility of forging a new path when it’s set before you!

Readers are often fascinated by the author’s back story. They want to know why the author selected that particular theme for their book, what research they did before writing, what obstacles the met along the way.

And so, I felt it was time to  share a bit of my back story: the who, what, why, how and when to Tales2Inspire®.

I was always a bit of a Pollyanna, a sucker for inspiring stories! So I suspect my innate curiosity about human interest type stories was one spark that ignited my Tales2Inspire® project. But in  my story, Bounty of Riches, I explain how I started out on two divergent paths. One path followed my inspiring story spirit. That is when I began writng  feature stories for a webzine column titled, Ordinary People ~ Extraordinary  Lives. During phase two of my writing career I began pursuing a second path. That is when I decided I was going to nail it in the publishing world and write a best selling non-fiction book. Well, that never quite materialized. I began to refucus  as I started creating an alternate path for myself and many other talented authors. 

The Story of Bounty of Riches

In my story, Bounty of Riches, I share a bit about my childhood, my background and the manuscript that interested several of the major publishing houses. But ultimately they rejected my manuscript as too risky. I just didn’t have enough of an “Author Platform”, they said.

I think sometimes the path we are meant to follow is beyond our control. In my case, that rejection was the catalyst to a new way of thinking. 

Tales2Inspire® was this kernel of an idea that hit me after that rejection. And so, in 2012, I initiated my Authors Helping Authors contest/project and never looked back. Now, with fifteen published books to its credit, Tales2Inspire® has grown to proportions even I didn’t dare to envision. It delivers exactly what it promises as both an Authors Helping Authors project and a contest. 

It feeels good to know that I am doing my part to help so many talented authors on their paths to discovery. Sometimes our destiny is beyond our control, but  the one we are meant to embrace.

NEWSDAY, LI, NY Newsday featured Tales2Inspire in their coveted Act 2 three page article Sunday edition.Page 2 of their three page artcile about Tales2Inspire.

Proud to include the entire Newsday article in both Moonstone Collectiuons as well as in  

Tales2Inspiire ~ The Diamond Colletion – Series V


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