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Inspiring Story of the Week: Memoirs for My Mother


Memoirs for My Mother


Barbara Anne Kirshner

Winner #Tales2Inspire #Inspiring Story

This is the inspiring story of a mother and a daughter who had a special bond from the moment the daughter was born. This bond kept them close, able to share confidences and be supportive through all the challenges that life threw in their paths. The daughter counted on those sage words. She often looked on in awe as her mother listened attentively to her friends’ struggles with their own mothers. The mother offered perspectives as freely as she offered milk and cookies.

Winning story of Love of mother and daughter in Tales2Inspire Moonstone Collection

This mother was the daughter’s confidant for a good part of her life.  UNTIL one day when the mother stumbled and fell.  A  stroke had stolen her words, her thoughts and left her closed off even from the daughter she so adored. The Mother became the daughter, depending on her to take care of her, to speak up for her, maneuver through the medical system with her doctors, health care aids and the rest. Every day the daughter’s heart broke when she stared into vacant eyes that were once so vital.

A gnawing question consumed her-How could she bring her mother’s spirit back?

Then one day the daughter put the phone to her mother’s ear to hear her sister’s voice. The response was immediate! The mother’s eyes brightened and she SPOKE. She was actually responding to triggers from her sister’s stories about events they had shared.

A turning point!

An inspiration!

That night the daughter furiously jotted down an event they shared and the next day she read it to her mother. The light returned to the mother’s eyes and WORDS formed!

Memoirs for my mother was born!

Join the daughter and her mother for the fun moments, the sometimes poignant moments in the life they shared together.

Memoirs for My Mother

is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection Book 1

The Moonstone Collection Book 1 is filled with inspiring sgtories of Trning the Page in one's life


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