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Inspiring Story of the Week – A Child of Theirs – A Child of Ours

Inspiring Story of the Week

A Child of Theirs – A Child of Ours

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by MJ McGrath

Most adoption stories have their own inspirational back story, but this one has several.

Two couples found themselves face to face in a small room for the first time. The young couple was in the process of selecting the adoptive parents for their yet unborn child, while the older couple was seeking to be the chosen parents. It was a momentous day.

The hopeful adoptive mother embraced the pregnant young teen when she entered the room. The teenager had remarkable blue eyes and a huge, firm baby bump. The adoptive mother realized this big hug was squeezing the unborn child and knew she had to let go before she made a fool of herself.

The older couple, each over forty, knew their age was a severe strike against them, so they dressed up and tried to act like the good parents they thought they could be. They knew they were competing with equally deserving younger adoptive applicants. 

The birth father’s first question was a reminder, a reality check for the uphill battle. “How old are you two?” he asked.

Birth parents seeking adoptive parents for their unborn child

There had already been several challenging backstories that led the adoptive couple to this room on this day. And now they were risking rejection in this, the most critical interview of their lives. The pain of childlessness could become much deeper or the prize so much sweeter. 

This personal and revealing adoption story may well make you laugh a bit, cry a bit and cheer a lot. And may it also help others.

This story is published in
Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book 1

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