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by Heidi Dupree

Humorous Story of the challenges of caring for a neighbor's plants

In this inspiring story, you are about to meet a runaway dog named Aussie.

But don’t feel sad, this dog happens to end up in the right place at just the right time.

Aussie is a runaway dog who inexplicably appears in a meditation garden far from his home. But he soon disappears again as inexplicably as he had arrived. Meanwhile his owner had cut short her family vacation in a frantic search for her beloved dog. While she and her family were vacationing in Florida, they got word that an ice storm had hit home in Virginia, breaking their fence, allowing Aussie to escape. By the time they got word from their dog sitter, Aussie had been lost for two nights.

Inspiring story of a miracle garden and a dog

Aussie in the Miracle Garden

How strange that Aussie should come to this garden, a garden in a backyard so many miles from his home. How strange that his owner is searching for him in this neighborhood at the very moment he pauses to rest there. Garden of Miracles is the story of how a prayer brings miracles to two different families whose lives briefly intersect in one magical garden.

Heidi Dupree, author of this story tells us more. “It’s true that when we pray for a miracle, we never know how it will unfold, or whose lives will be touched – human – or animal.”

When you read this inspiring story, you will understand why its author calls her backyard garden a ‘Garden of Miracles’ both for her family and for the family whose  search for Aussie has a happy ending.

Meet Heidi on our YouTube channel as she tells you more about this story.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Heidi, thanks for sharing such a warm and inspiring tale of a miracle garden and the poser of prayer in bringing the lost back home

  2. This is a story that both author and readers are likely to remember for a long time.
    Thank you Heidi, for a beautiful story and thank you Micki for taking the time to comment.

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