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by Fran Gustman

Never did the words “beyond coincidence” ring more true than in the inspiring story of Joseph and Marie.

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When the war ended in 1945, twenty-four year old Joseph wanted to go to America, but had little hope of getting there. He registered for a visa to Israel instead, because the wait list for America was so long.

One day he noticed a pretty blond, blue eyed girl walking toward him. When she stopped to ask him if he knew the location of the American Consulate, Joseph invited her to walk with him. He was also headed to the Consulate. He had decided to  also register for America even though he had little hope of going there.

By the time they finished registering, it was too late to catch a train to her home town. Joseph invited Marie to spend the night at the rooming house he shared with his friend. She was happy to accept the offer so she wouldn’t have to wait at the train station all night. Each time after that, whenever she came to Munich to check in with the American Consulate,  she and Joseph would spend time together. He thought he was in love, but was not yet ready for marriage. So he lost track of Marie and had no idea where she was.

A Surprise for Joseph

While waiting for his visa to come through for Israel, to his surprise, Joseph’s American visa arrived. He settled in the Bronx near his two sisters. A few years went by, and by some miracle, Joseph and Marie ended up at the same NYC dental clinic, worlds away from where they first met. Although neither of them had entered this dental clinic before, they just happened to be in the waiting room at the very same moment. Marie was waiting her turn with the dentist, while Joseph was simply on an errand to deliver a toaster he had just repaired.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Fran feels honored to be able to share this inspiring story of her loving and supportive in-laws,

. Marie and Joseph who have been an important part of her life for over forty years.

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