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Inspiriing Story of the Week Manila ~ The Plain Manila Gift


by Erica Kosal, PhD

Winner #Tales2Inspire #Inspiring Story

How can a plain manila envelop contain such an inspiring story?

When Erica returned from maternity leave, she was faced with a huge pile of mail. Tension grew as she began to sort through the pile, discarding those letters we commonly call junk mail. But then as the pile dwindled, she spotted a handwritten manila envelope that stood out from all the rest. Tearing it open, Erica discovered a hand written note from a former colleague. His words were a a gift more precious than any she could have imagined, a gift that helped sustaine her and her family during a time of extreme stress. This gift transformed the lives of three people, providing courage and strength when they needed it most.

#Tales2Inspire Emerald Collection stor of The Plain Manila Gift

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