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WHAT DOES IT REALLY TAKE TO BE INSPIRING? Forbes Magazine Names Three Key Ingredients


Forbes Magazine Names Three Key Traits

by Lois W. Stern  

I began my Tales2Inspire project because of my attraction to inspiring stories, so it’s no wonder that the Forbes Magazine headline, What It Really Takes to Be Inspiring, immediately drew my attention. I wanted to see if Forbes would agree with the Tales2Inspire definition of that word. Would Forbes select the same stories that made the final cut with Tales2Inspire as their inspiring story winners? I have no way of knowing for sure, but after reading their article, I suspect that answer is yes.

The Forbes magazine article addresses another side to the word inspiring, while speaking to the three core behaviors of deeply inspiring people.

I am giving them my Blogger of the Month Award for this thought provoking article.

What Does It Take to Be Inspiring - Tales2Inspire Best Blogger award

Tales2Inspire Best        Blogger Award

What does it really take to be inspiring? According to this Forbes article, here are the three core traits:

1)  Inspiring people have forged their own authentic path. They have taken a hard, unpaved road. They demand a tremendous show of guts, strength, commitment, and perseverance.

2)  Inspiring people are supremely “other-focused”,  deriving an enormous sense of satisfaction in helping other people. They spend most of their professional time and energy helping others, and feel personal rewards as they watch those people,  organizations and enterprises grow and flourish.

3)  Inspiring people are riveting storytellers.

I’ll take credit for core traits #1 and #2, but give my Tales2Inspire® authors credit for core trait #3, for we are all riveting storytellers.

My Thoughts on How to Write Inspiring Stories

What works  

  Overall allow the positive to shine through.

  Tell stories of animals or people showing evidence of selfless giving and heartfelt emotions.

  Share memoirs that awaken warm, fuzzy thoughts and emotions in others.

  Tell humorous stories that bind people together to increase their happiness or intimacy.

  Uplift the reader’s spirits or give them an ‘aha’ moment of awareness.

  Invite the reader in so they can experience the power of the message for themselves.

What to Avoid

 Avoid telling the reader how to feel, live, think, etc. Instead of telling, let each reader feel it for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

 Don’t proselytize. Instead of preaching, share messages to which people of all beliefs can relate.

 Avoid hasty submissions. Instead, share your story with other writers. Ask them how you could improve your story. Then listen and continue to polish your work.

 Be careful not to meander or lose focus. Instead, stick to one central theme and develop it fully.

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