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Claudia Domb

Congratulations to Claudia Domb, winner of two Tales2Inspire Awards,
for her inspiring stories:

The Miracle of Maggie 

Daisy, The Goldendoodle


 Claudia brings us two inspiring stories about animals. She used to be certain the reason things happened always became evident in time. She was sure they often had a scientific reason behind them. It was just that sometimes you had to dig deep to find it. You see, Claudia is a nurse. Through training, she normally comes to conclusions based on what she sees before her. This is what she believed until the events of one cold January in 2009. On this particular day, Claudia experienced a miracle. She now knows that some things cannot be explained by the laws of science.

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Tales2Inspire winning story, The Miracle of Maggie

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Claudia Domb has always loved animals. Because of allergies in her family, she could not have a dog when she was growing up. She felt restless and empty. She fantasized constantly about having a puppy of her own. Somehow she knew that she was placed on this earth to do something meaningful with animals. When the time was right, she brought her first puppy home to her busy household of three daughters, a husband and a full time job as a nurse. Some years later, they moved to a house with a large, fenced in yard and watched their family grown considerably. They are now home to four dogs, a pot-bellied pig, three horses, a pony and a miniature donkey.

Claudia says her happiest moments are when she is sharing her love for their four-legged friends with other people. She sees the joy they bring to children, the disabled, and the elderly. Everyday, she feel tremendous gratitude for being part of the experience.

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