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Dayle Finn

Congratulations to Dayle Finn

winner of a Tales2Inspire Award

for her inspiring story, Sampson and Delilah

Dayle Finn first heard about Sampson and Delilah from her mother and just couldn’t resist such an inspiring story. So she wrote first as a short story and entered it into the  Tales2Inspire competition. Now Dayle has  written this same story in a separate edition as a children’s picture book.

winnerSampson and Delilah is the true story of the unlikely companionship of a white goose and a tan lab. Dayle’s mom was one of the people who traveled Bog Road every day and marveled at the togetherness of these two animals. She could see how totally devoted they were to one another. One day, when she began sharing these stories with her daughter, Dayle became intrigued. She thought to herself, What  heartwarming stories to share with others. Sampson’s owners, Betty and Les Brown, also lived on Bog Road, so Dayle turned to her them for more details. She became even more intrigued because their stories showed an incredible amount of devotion these two animals felt for one another! Dayle couldn’t resist. She needed to tell this wonderful story – the story of a truly unique animal friendship.

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A Tales2Inspire Winning Story
A Tales2Inspire Winning Story

Dayle Finn is a retired elementary school teacher. Among her many activities, she enjoys sharing stories and ideas with the members of two writing groups, The Writers League of the Villages and Writers4Kids. She has published a children’s book The Magical Mouse Quilt, an enchanting story about a quilt, a special child and magical music. Look for it on

She is halfway finished with a picture book children’s version of Sampson and Delilah. At the moment the children’s version is published in a special collection called “Critter Capers”, written by a group of talented writers in her children’s writing group Writing4Kids.



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