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by Tom Eliopolous

This is one inspiring story you are not likely to forget.

During WWII the Germans attacked a P51 plane. Its pilot decided his best chance to survive was to crash land in the field below. That’s all he remembered about that day. Farmers living next to the field heard the noise. They rushed outside and dragged the pilot from the plane. Just in time. It exploded seconds later. The farmer and his wife hid the badly wounded pilot in their farmhouse. Less than ten minutes later a German patrol knocked at their door. “What happened to the pilot?” they asked. “What pilot? There is nothing left here but ashes,” they answered. And so, this inspiring story begins.

This pilot’s rescue is only the beginning of this inspiring story. The series of events that occurred more than twenty years later are beyond amazing. No wonder it has echoed in the mind of its author, Tom Eliopoulos, for over fifty years!

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Tom Epiopoulos was born in 1931 in Akron, Ohio during the height of the depression. There were no social programs in place to help people in times of need at that time. Tom was only one year old when his father lost their house and restaurant. He took his family back to Greece where he owned a vineyard. The family barely survived. They was trapped in Greece for quite some time. U-boats were sinking everything in sight in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1945, Tom and his father were on the first ship back to the USA. Tom had been born there, so he already was a US citizen. His younger sister and mother were not so lucky. He recalls arriving without speaking a word of English. Although he was thirteen years old, they placed him in a first grade class. As he mastered English, they gradually moved him up in the grades. At the end of that first year he had caught. He started seventh grade with his peers.

Tom was drafted into the army in 1952, and served in the Korean War. After being discharged, he returned to Ohio and trained as a tool and dye maker. He worked weekdays for Goodrich and sold real estate on the weekends. In 1954 he met the girl of my dreams, a beautiful redhead. Together they raised four wonderful children. Tom retired from B.F. Goodrich after thirty-five years. After retirement, he and his wife moved to Venice, Florida.

Hand of Destiny was first published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection as a wonderful memory piece. But because it is truly a ‘Beyond Coincidence’ inspiring story, I have now moved it to its rightful place in the expanded and revised edition of Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald  Collection.

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  1. I really like your projects. You bring inspiring stories to people as we, as a society, could use the positive things in this world to lift people to greater heights of accomplishment. Your post mentioned reviews for books. I might be interested in this.

    Kimberly Yoghourtjian

    • LoisWStern says:

      Thanks so much for taking notice of my blog and also taking the time to comment. It is always rewarding to get some positive feedback. The news is so full of sadness and horror that I like to remind people that good things still are happening around us. My Sapphire Collection is so new, that I don’t have any reviews for it yet. Would you be interested?

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