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HUMOROUS STORY OF THE WEEK – Daisy by Kenneth J. Stern



by Kenneth J. Stern 

This is the humorous story of one little boy’s lost dog!

The humorous story of a lost dog named DaisyWhen he was a small child, Ken had a pure white dog named Daisy. There was no such thing as invisible fences then. Daisy seemed to understand and always stayed within their property boundaries. But one day when the family called her, no Daisy came running. His family made a frantic search through the neighborhood. They posted lost dog posters all over the town.  They placed ads in their local weekly newspaper. With all their efforts, they never heard a word more. They finally resigned themselves to the fact that Daisy was gone for good. Or was she? Does this sound like a humorous story? If not, stay tuned.


Several weeks passed. Then one day Ken’s mom spotted a white dog on a front lawn in another part of town. She looked somewhat worn and shabby. But Ken’s Mom was sure it was Daisy. She dashed out of her car, calling Daisy, Daisy. Somehow she managed to coax the bewildered dog into their car. Home they went. She plopped Daisy into their basement washtub for her first bath in many weeks.

Read the humorous story of what Ken’s mom discovered next!


Daisy, a fluffy ball of fur

Daisy, the Lost Dog


The video presentation of Daisy begins at frame 2:26.

About the author, Kenneth J. Stern

Daisy is a most humorous story written by a man I have known and loved for many years. (Perhaps his last name sounds slightly familiar to you too.) I had heard him retell this story many times during our married lives together. It always drew a hearty laugh. I had to coax him to write this story for my Tales2Inspire contest. At first it was a gentle suggestion. He ignored me. So I persisted and kind of kept twisting his arm.  Finally the time came when he had to relent and wrote the story of Daisy. Now that all is said and done, he admits he kind of enjoyed it! I hope you did too.

This story is published in

Tales2 Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection

(Stories that tickle the funny bone)

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