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Congratulations to David Shwaiko

Winner of two Tales2Inspire awards

Florence Nightinggale, A Humorous Story by David Shwaiko

The 70’s were hitchhiking’s Golden Age. From 1970 to 1976, with three different partners, Dave hitched literally thousands of miles. He totaled it up. Including all of the short U.S. hitches,  three long U. S. hitches, the two Canadian hitches and the European hitches, it totaled more than 27,000 miles. That’s longer than the circumference of our beloved planet Earth.

In 1974, Dave made it to Europe and Morocco. His humorous story, Florence Nightingale, is a memoir relating his hitching experiences from Rome to Spain and Morocco. It ends with a frantic call to the police while he is seen sleeping in a cemetery in Florence.

Dave is married with three children. Although ‘retired’, he continues to write short memoirs whenever he finds the time. He has written over one hundred stories.

 Florence Nightingale is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection

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Canadian Geesee – An Inspiring Story by David

Grandmother Helen shared her love of birds with David, who soon caught her passion.  Canada Geese, more commonly known as Canadian Geese, were their favorites. David learned not only about their physical characteristics, but their habits and lifestyle as well. He observed their parenting skills, from incubating their freshly laid eggs to protecting their young. Most impressive of all was their lifestyle of mating for life. This fact brought home a life lesson that served David well in a time of need.

David’s story, Canadian Geese is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection

(Stories in Feathers and Fur).

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Inspiring stories in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection


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