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by Rod DiGruttolo 

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Pappy and the Bandleader is an inspiring story, imbued with the memory of a special day

a thoughtful little boy arranged for his grandfather.

In this inspiring story, Pappy and the Bandleader, Rod shares a poignant memory from his childhood.

Circus music will always evoke fond memories for Rod. His ‘Pappy’, an amateur musician himself, could hardly keep his feet still whenever they visited the Barnum and Bailey Circus together. They never missed a special day at the circus whenever Pappy came to town.

It just happened that one man on Rod’s newspaper route was the leader of the B&B band.  One day, while doing his weekly collection, Rod cautiously opened a conversation with this famous musician. Rod told him that his ‘Pappy’ was a great admirer of his and a pretty skilled horn player himself. How thrilled Rod was when the band leader suggested that he bring his ‘Pappy’ around for a visit the following Saturday.

It was quite a challenge to keep this mission a surprise, because Rod had chosen not to tell Pappy in advance. So instead of planing a visit to the circus, he suggested they go fishing that morning. Pappy agreed, because in addition to loving the circus, he was an avid fisherman. Rod dawdled over breakfast and then frustrated Pappy further by telling him he first had to make a stop to collect from one more customer on his paper route. Pappy resigned himself to not catching many fish that day.

But Rod ultimately pulled off the surprise, giving his ‘Pappy’ a day he cherished for the rest of his life.

Remember the words: “It’s better to give than receive”? That’s exactly what Rod learned from the secret surprise he plotted for his ‘Pappy’.

Pappy and his Horn 2

‘Pappy’ as a young man

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  1. Barry says:

    Is this just for comments about the ad or can someone submit an inspiring story?
    Thanks for your time

    • LoisWStern says:

      Hello Barry, and thanks for your question. Tales2Inspire is an “Authors Helping Authors” project as well as a contest open to any talented writer with an inspiring story to share. Each contest has a different theme. Right now we are working on humorous stories, because, after all, laughter also inspires us. Our next theme focuses on inspiring animal stories (feathers and fur). You can learn all about Tales2Inspire by visiting and all the how to, what if and when details by clicking on the word “CONTEST” at the top navigation bar. Hope this helps you get started.
      Lois W. Stern
      Creator of Tales2Inspire

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