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by Micki Peluso

Although most of us can identify with the frustrations of modern technology, in this humorous story Micki Peluso makes light of them in a thoroughly enjoyable way. She is convinced that it’s not her fault. It’s just that all the mechanical lemons of the world somehow end up in her home. She tells us she actually has reason to believe that there is a collective intelligence among electrical appliances, guiding them to prey on unobtrusive women like her!

The kitchen appliances were hardest on Micki, perhaps because they were most essential to her daily life. Her blender has twenty-five speeds, but as far as she can tell, they all do the same thing. What happens each time she turns it on? At every one of those twenty-five speeds that blender mixes everything together and spews it across her kitchen counters and floor.

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Then there is the coffee maker. Micki was so excited to learn that she could set the timer in the evening and awaken to a freshly brewed cup of coffee the next morning. So she set the timer for 7 A.M. , but never got her coffee until seven the next evening. At first she was impressed by the pot-scrubbing feature of her new dishwasher. Then reality stuck. When she put it to the test, it washed only what it felt she needed, grinding the rest into an unrecognizable mess. Her sixteen piece china setting was reduced to four by the end of the month. Fortunately, for Micki, she gives small dinner parties!

Watch frames 0:00 – to 1:32 for a video of The Mean Machine 

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Micki also won awards for three other Tales2Inspire humorous stories.

Relatives and Fish 

In her second humorous story Relatives and Fish, Micki discovers that Ben Franklin was so right. Both relatives and fish really do start to smell after three days! With great wit, Micki tells what happened the week her daughter and two little grandsons come for a visit. In reflection, those two little boys look a lot cuter in the photos that sit on her living room coffee table.   Learn more.

86 the Coleslaw

In her third humorous story, 86 the Coleslaw, we soon learn that Micki is not talking about the number of coleslaw portions ordered at her husband’s restaurant. She takes charge of her husband’s restaurant, The Chicken Coup, for one day while he is out of town. He promised that the place practically runs itself. But from the first moment she takes charge, she sees that this is a myth. Learn more.

Tomatoes and Teenagers

Finally, in her last humorous story, Tomatoes and Teenagers Micki gives us some laugh-out-loud moments. Teenagers sure can give us a run for our money. But just like tomatoes, those teenagers finally do ripen. Finally they too will mature, and if all goes well, will one day have teenagers of their own. Learn more.

The Mean Machine, Relatives and Fish, 86 the Coleslaw and Tomatoes and Teenagers are now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection (Stories that Tickle the Funny Bone).


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  2. Micki Peluso says:

    Dear Lois,
    Thanks for the wonderful display of my award winning stories published in your Tales to inspire series. I hope your readers enjoy them all.
    All the best,

    Micki Peluso

  3. Lois w stern says:

    You are an oustsmfimg author, Micki, and it is always my pleasure to include one of your stories in a Tales2inspire book!

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