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Charlotte Snead

Tales2Inspire Winning Author

Charlotte Snead

Grandmother to five boys, Charlotte Snead and her husband have made their twenty acre home-site in rural West Virginia “Almost Heaven” for little boys, complete with swimming pool, tree house and a magical train layout.  Charlotte’s husband, an orthopedic surgeon who keeps failing retirement at age 73 has cut back his work schedule to three days a week so that together they can visit those precious boys, ranging in age from 19 years to a few months.

Charlotte published her first book, His Brother’s Wife, in October, 2012 and A Place to Live in September, 2016 with Jan Carol Publishing. She is contracted for four more books in a “The Hope House Girls” series, stories about five girls who share a season in a maternity home and become friends for life. Charlotte draws from her experiences as a pro-life leader and a mentor mom for Mothers of Preschoolers to write inspirational fiction placing romance in marriage, where it was meant to flourish.

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In her story, Becoming Grandmother . . .  AgainCharlot makes us feel just how magical it is to become a grandmother. Sometimes you see the tiny replica of your children, sometimes a mixture of both their parents, and occasionally a special child that comes from someone else. Adopting a child from another nation brings unique challenges, including differences in physical appearance and language. The Snead family welcomed this bright-eyed Korean boy, and once he arrived, he danced his way into their hearts, melting away all concerns.

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Becoming Grandmother

5 Responses so far.

  1. Dani McKinney says:

    God surely led me here. I did not know you were a writer, as I was only familiar with your husband, Dr. Snead. He performed surgery on me in 1976, in Americus Ga. I was not sure he was still practicing, however, I was looking for a contact for him, which led me to finding you!
    I also am a Christian, saved JUST before surgery by your hubby, or I would never have HAD the surgery- God is good!

    Now I’ve found you! I will definately get your books. I’m excited to read them. The excerpts from grandmother book had tears welling up in my eyes. A good writer lets the reader ‘see’ what he/she is saying. You do that.

    I have never forgotten the things your husband said to me as I lay in the OR, just before ‘going under’. I have needle phobia, and his Christian his assurances helped to alleviate my fears.

    Now I have another memory person, as I am sure I will read and not forget your books. You have a new fan. Sometimes God goes around the mulberry bush to get folks where they need to be, but He gets us there; this is a testament to that fact. Who knew?
    May God continue to bless you and your endeavors.
    Perhaps one day I will be able to let your husband know what He did for me those many years ago.
    Dani Mckinney
    Rabun Gap, Ga. (previously Americus, Ga.)

    • LoisWStern says:

      Hello Dani,
      As the creator of Tales2Inspire, I know first hand how talented Charlotte is as a writer. Her story, Becoming Grandmother . . . Again was a winner in this annual contest and is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection. Being the grandmother of one adopted child myself, I could surely relate! We love our biological children and grandchildren of course, but there is something so special about the ones who come to us through adoption. Charlotte’s story shows us that so clearly, makes us feel the emotions, without telling us outright how they feel. I’m sure Charlotte will be so pleased that she was able to move you with her words. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      Lois W. Stern

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Joe, as we all do, often wonders if he makes a difference. he will be so honored to read your comment. We now have seven grandsons, ranging in age from 21 to 6 months. We are “expecting” two new ones from China, a six year old boy and a 12 year old girl from China. Our son and his wife have a natural child and the boy from Korea. They are able to provide for more children but unable to have more, so they are eager to see what God has in store for them with these new children.
    Please keep in touch. I’ll search for you on facebook, but my email is, and Joe’s is:

    • LoisWStern says:

      Wow, Charlotte, now that I’ve read your response to Dani, I am filled with awe. How your family has grown (and continues to grow). How beautiful! And finally a girl to add to the mix. How blessed are we!

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