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Beth Smithem

Congratulations to Beth Smithem

a two time Tales2Inspire winner

for her inspiring stories:

Rae, the Stray and Mia

Beth Smithem tells us it’s no surprise that she inherited a love for animals from her mother. She even allowed her children to keep turtles in the bathtub!  The author of the Dust Bunny series and Cocoa Bean and Squirt, Beth has self-published her three books. Her deep compassion for animals is evident in all her writing. The  common thread in each of her books is the importance of unconditional friendship. Lessons of love, acceptance and simple kindness come to life through her characters and are enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

In each of her Tales2Inspire published stories, Beth shows us how the bond between a person and their pet can be magical, personal and unexplainable.

Beth currently lives in Orange City, Florida and, of course, has six animals of her own. After working as a legal assistant for more than ten years, she discovered that she preferred the world of imagination over the world of lawsuits and torts.

Visit Beth’s website.

 Rae the Stray, published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection, is the inspiring story of how a stray dog and Beth, his adopted owner, find one another. After Rae is injured, Beth becomes his advocate and caregiverRae the Stray is one shining example of the sacrifices people make every day to protect and nurture their pets. And just when you think that you are the one saving the animal, you discover that it is really the animal that is saving you, says Beth.

Beth mailed a copy of this book to the veterinarian who played a critical role in Rae’s story. The heartfelt inscription she wrote on the inside cover said it all: “There wouldn’t have been a story without your tireless work, dedication and compassion!” That same year, Beth’s sister sent her a perfectly delightful Christmas gift – a tall, aluminum water bottle with the picture and caption from her story imprinted on it. What a wonderful surprise, compliments of Shutterfly.

Click here to learn more about this story.

Mia is Beth’s second inspiring story to win a Tales2Inspire award. Mia is the story of a stray cat whose quirky personality instantly steals Beth’s heart. When a medical crisis occurs, the only choice Beth considered was to go that extra mile. She did whatever it took to nurture and protect this furry ball of sunshine. It seems no sacrifice is too great for Beth when it comes to her animals.  No wonder those strays forever find their way to her door! Mia is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection.

Click here to learn more about this story.

Visit Beth’s website.

Rae the Stray

Tales2Inspire inspiring story of a cat named Mia






5 Responses so far.

  1. Susan Haley says:

    Beth Smithem is truly one who, like myself, gets inspiration and joy out of the world of critterdom. Her stories of rescue and compassion shared with me in conversations have touched my heart.
    I was fortunate to work as an editor with Beth on her story “Rae the Stray” in the Ruby Collection. In so doing, we’ve become friends having so much in common it convinces me, once again, of the gift of Divine guidance to the souls I am intended to meet. Right, Lois?
    After my reading all three of Beth’s Childrens books, we have discussed plans on working together on some projects in the future.
    Please do check out Beth’s imaginative website And, if you’ve not yet ordered the Tales2Inspire Ruby Collection, please do. It is a good one!

    Susan Haley
    Tales2Inspire Author and Editor.

  2. LoisWStern says:

    From Susan Haley this is praise of the highest order! For those who don’t know Susan yet, she is not only an award winning author of several fabulous books, she forced a stimulating and active writers group as a branch of the Florida Writers
    Association and served as their group leader for several years. I am so proud of her work , her guidance and her willingness to serve as one of my Tales2Inspire editors. I am honored to call her FRIEND.

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