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Cami Ann Hofstadter, Ph.D.

Tales2Inspire Winner

Three Time Tales2Inspire® Winner

Cami’s stories:

A Leap of Words

 Maintenance For My Soul – The Man From Nowhere

Leftover Feminism – My Lunch With Betty Friedan

Cami Ann Hofstadter is a published author and educator living in Miami, Florida. Under different names for different genres, she has works appearing in venues from a law review to Golf Digest to regional and foreign papers. She had a long-standing monthly column in Miami Today, and is particularly fond of human interest stories that challenge the thought-processes of her readers. Her long-ago love for a depressive, obsessive-compulsive man was the spring-board for her Tales2Inspire story, A Leap of Words.  The 2nd edition of her recently published book on foreign consuls, is one of thirty-five special features by Kirkus Reviews. Currently, Cami is hard at work on fulfilling a request for a book of anecdotes about the rescue and resistance in her native Scandinavia during the period of the Holocaust. For more on her writings, see

Cami has the distinction of being a three time Tales2Inspire™ winner. Two different bookmarks, posted below, were designed to compliment the first two of her winning Tales2Inspire stories.

A Leap of Words (Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection):  When your beloved is dying you want to do everything in your power to maintain the same routines that have comforted him throughout his years as an obsessive-compulsive. But when you and he come from two different religious traditions – one secularly Jewish and the other Protestant – a new ritual involving bedtime prayers creates a moral dilemma. This is a story about how it’s possible for someone who never liked change to find solace in the soothing rhythm of words he can’t understand. Read more.

A Leap of Words copy

Maintenance for My Soul – The Man from Nowhere (Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection): Just after hearing a devastating prognosis about her infant son, Cami meets a mysterious man who brings her a message of comfort and hope. Whether you believe in angels in human form or simply the theory of synchronocity, this story is a wonderfully inspiring read. Cami advises us to leave ourselves open to the mysteries of life.

Maintenance For My Soul copy

Meet Cami in this short video where she speaks about her story, Maintenance for My Soul – The Man From Nowhere.

Media Release

In her story, Leftover Feminism – My Lunch With Betty Friedan, (Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection), Cami recounts details about the outcome of her face-to-face interview with the iconic feminist, Betty Friedan. Although this story tickles the funny bone with humor, it also has a serious side to it as Cami observes the inconsistency between this woman’s actions and beliefs.

Learn more about Cami and her other published books.


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