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Inspiring Story of the Week


by Beth Smithem

In her inspiring story, Mia, author Beth Smithem tells how she and this special ]cat found one another.

One day a cat that Beth had never seen before suddenly emerged from the woods. She made herself at home on Beth’s back porch. That’s how Mia was added to Beth’s ever growing four-legged family.

Mia is a striking black and orange tortoiseshell cat. She was approximately a year or two old when she appeared at Beth’s back porch. Her sunny personality was one that wouldn’t take no for an answer. She was going to be their friend whether they liked it or not. She nuzzled Beth’s dogs like she was part of the pack. They were immediately taken in by her charms. It took her other two cats a bit more time. But Mia soon them over too.

It was obvious that Mia had recently given birth because her mammary glands were quite swollen. What if there was a litter of hungry kittens out there waiting for mama to return? Beth wondered. She searched the woods several times but never found any kittens. By that time Mia was comfortable enough with Beth to let her rub her tummy. Beth discovered that the cat’s mammary glands were as hard as rocks. She also noticed that this cat waddled rather than walked. The weight of those glands was giving her a sway back. Something wasn’t right. She needed to get checked out. Beth immediately made an appointment with the vet. And a new animal saga began, one that ends with another inspiring story.

Tales2Inspire inspiring story of a cat named Mia

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Tales2Inspire Inspiring story


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