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Inspiring Story of the Week: The Visitation



Finalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

by Adrienne Drake, MD

The Visitation is the inspiring story of how a single event changed one woman’s life.

Adrienne’s parents divorced when she was just six years old. Some divorces are amicable. This one was not. While living together, her mother made it clear that her daughter had to choose her over her father. Although father and daughter loved one another deeply, they were afraid to express those loving feeling toward one another. They never felt safe enough to connect on an intimate level. Each time they tried, Adrienne’s mom would promptly interfere. This made it difficult for Adrienne and her dad to develop a healthy father-daughter relationship. They needed to hide their mutual love from the mother. Over time, this became so ingrained in them, that they began to hide it from each other.    

When Adrienne turned thirty, her father died. Adrienne could not get over her grief at the loss of what they could have shared together. She felt she had betrayed her father by not openly sharing her love for him. Feelings of guilt continued to haunt her. Each Father’s Day, like clockwork, she experienced a profound sense of sadness. Nothing she did could banish it. And then, one day she received a visitation that would change all this…forever. 

Whether or not you believe in miracles, this inspiring story may just change your life forever, too!

The Visitation is now published in 

Tales2Inspire ~ the Moonstone Collection – Book 2




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