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Mark H. Newhouse

Mark H. Newhouse, 

a Two Time Tales2Inspire® Winner,

for his stories, “Legacy Lost” and “A Painfully True Story”

 We are so proud of Mark H. Newhouse, a nationally recognized author with many prestigious awards to his credit,

and a two time Tales2Inspire winner.

Mark’s books include the multi-award winning, Welcome to Monstrovia, where a boy learns about the life of a lawyer and the law when he is sent to live with his uncle, the lawyer for mythical monsters and fictional folk in Monstrovia, Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin Awards, Bronze Medal Readers Favorite Awards. The second book in this humorous mystery series, The Case of the Disastrous Dragon, was named a Top Ten Children’s Book in the P&E Readers Poll and 2nd Place Middle Grade fiction (published) in the Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association. His book about bullying, The Midnight Diet Club, won 1st Prize Young Adult, in the Royal Palm Literary Awards and  is also available as an Audio book. The Rockhound Science Mysteries, where children catch crazy crooks with fun experiments like making orange juice ice pops, won Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award and Media Magazine’s Millenium Portfolio Award. A number of his stories have been winners in the Writers’ Digest, Creative Writer’s Notebook (Journey Anthologies), Florida Writers Association Collection, and other competitions. His picture books include: Dreidel Dog; Santa’s Speeding Ticket; A Bite Before Christmas; and the Readers’ Favorite 5 Star, Alice in Batsylvania. Coming up next: The Case of the Crazy Chickenscratches, book three in his legal mystery series for kids of all ages. He is currently working on Family Secrets, where a young boy solves the mystery of how his family was killed in the Holocaust.

Mark has just been named state Chairman of the Florida Writers Association Youth Program (FWAY), an effort to inspire and help improve the writing of middle and high school students throughout Florida.

Congratulations Mark. You just can’t keep a good guy down!!


Mark Newhouse continues to inspire and entertain us all as a Tales2Inspire Winning Author

Born in Germany to Holocaust survivors, his winning story, Legacy Lost, now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection (Stories that Echo in the Mind) is a poignant ‘tale’ of a family history he never tried to learn until he lost the opportunity. On a lighter note, Mark’s humorous story about his forays with two different dental assistants,  A Painfully True Story is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection (Stories that Tickle the Funny Bone).

Click here to learn more about Mark’s powerful story, Legacy Lost.


Latest News Flashes 

Mark H. Newhouse, award-winning book author, and winner of two Tales2Inspire stories, announces THE CASE OF THE DISASTROUS DRAGON, sequel to WELCOME TO MONSTROVIA,  the multi-award winning annals of a boy who becomes the unwilling assistant to his uncle while solving a baffling mystery in a land of mythical monsters,  a Top Ten Children’s Book (P&E Readers Poll) and Finalist in the Florida Writers Competition.

Mark’s picture books, illustrated by Daniel Traynor, include the award-winning ALICE IN BATSYLVANIA; A BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS; SANTA’S SPEEDING TICKET and the upcoming, DREIDEL DOG. 

Keep up the great work, Mark. These books are a laugh riot!!

All Mark’s books are available on


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