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Mary M. Romero

Mary Romero

a Winning Tales2Inspire author,

for her story,

The Heart of the Home Is Hot Chocolate

Tales2Inspire Winner

Mary M. Romero, an active Life Coach and child advocate, is an international author of several published pieces. Her articles are featured in outlets ranging from parenting websites to college Literary Reviews. The authentic nature of her writing stems from a past that allows her to connect with other victims and survivors of childhood trauma. Her dedication and determination to help stop abuses of children and adults alike has made her an expert in her field. Mary also specializes in women’s issues, conflict resolution, and communication skills in all types of relationships. Today, Mary draws her inspiration from her three daughters, knowing that the youth of our society are the leaders of tomorrow. Mary lives in Richmond, Virginia with her children and husband of twenty years. In her free time, Mary enjoys relaxed evenings with her family, music, dancing, yoga, hiking and being grateful for the simple things in life. Learn more about her book, The Breakdown of An All American Family and her coaching

In Mary’s winning story, The Heart of the Home is Hot Chocolate, she recalls a special day from her childhood when all seemed right with the world, although deep down she knew that family life was fragile. Her story is testament to the fact that children can rise above adversity and still reach those silver linings. 

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Hot Chocolate

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  1. Mary Romero says:

    Lois W. Stern has created a platform for authors of all genres to tell their inspirational stories. The more authors who share their personal story, the more lives can be changed and enhanced. Please take a look at her award winning collection and purchase our gift giving today!

    • LoisWStern says:

      Thank you ever so much, Mary. With fans like you, Tales2Inspire has been a joy. How would you like to be my marketing specialist?

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