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Inspiring Story of the Week


by Jonny Stern

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I was a great student through high school and college, but that didn’t stop family and friends from joking that I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. We always laughed about it, but then after my first year of college things changed. That was when I decided travel videographics was the path I wanted to follow. I spent my sophomore year abroad, beyond excited as I made plans for my future. I decided that Iceland would be the first country I would capture on film.

But fate had other plans.

Upon arrival, I grabbed my backpack, racing to my first destination. I was hyped beyond my wildest dreams to film their famous Parliament Building, Only then did I discover that no video equipment wasn’t in my backpack. I rushed back to my hostel to open my trunk, but again, no equipment. After several frantic phone calls I learned that I had left all my video equipment on the conveyor belt at the London airport.

My plans for creating my first travel video, plus most of my savings, were gone. Burst like the proverbial bubble. I spent the entire night in heartbreak, feeling sorry for myself. But then when I awakened, I had an epiphany. What was I meant to learn from this experience? The word surrender came to mind. That one word changed my entire perspective on how to capture the essence of all my future video projects. To learn more about what I am up to these days, check me out at

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