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INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK – Technical Tantrums by Jan Hurst Nicholson


 Technical Tantrums

by Jan Hurst Nicholson

Yes, humor can also be inspiring. In this humorously inspiring story, Technical Tantrums, Jan tells about her frustrations in living with the constant updates to her computer operating system

A growing number of people have never experienced life BC (Before Computers), but Jan is NOT one of them. She still regards her latest PC operating system with trepidation. Convinced that a wrongly pressed button can cause serious mischief, she stands anxiously over her computer. In this humorous story, she nibbles cautiously at her fingernails, wondering about the disasters about to befall her. What if the many thousands of words of her yet-to-be-published bestselling novel disappear before she is able to save them to a backup disk? For safety’s sake, maybe she should also hand write that novel in an old fashioned marble notebook. And so begins the humorous story of Technical Tantrums.

Watch frames 1:35 – 2:38 of a video intro to this story. Can you identify?

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In addition to receiving a Tales2Inspire award for Technical Tantrums, Jan has won awards for two other humorous slice-of-life stories. Click here to learn more about her story, The Great Ant War, the day hoards of ants invaded her house. When her husband awakened one morning with an odd sensation in his feet, he knew at once it was not caused by gout!

In Jan’s third Tales2Inspire award winning story, A Blooming Nuisance, she tells the story of a rather odd baby sitting job she agreed to do to help her neighbors. What a challenge it became to care for their dozens of African Violet plants. Most every gardener knows watering African Violets can be tricky. But who ever thought a band of monkeys would play their monkey business on those plants? Click here to learn more.

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