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Inspiring Story of the Week

Daisy The Goldendoodle

by Claudia Domb

Daisy, The Goldendoodlethe inspiring story of a misbehaving pup who now brightens lives every day

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A friend had invited Claudia to join her in a visit to a breeder. The woman/owner was very ill and about to enter the hospital. She had sold four puppies from the litter and said that the other two were headed for the shelter unless she found immediate homes for them. And thus begins the inspiring story of Daisy.

When Claudia and her friend entered the room, two little goldendoodle curly heads popped up from a wooden box. It was love at first sight. The two women looked at one another and said, “Our husbands are going to divorce us!”

Daisy was always in trouble. She was in constant motion, looking to engage Claudia’s other dogs in her shenanigans. Daisy and never listened. She was so inattentive that Claudia even suspected a hearing loss. Potty training was not going well either, but her vet told her not to worry. He assured Claudia that by the time Daisy turned four, she would be the best dog she ever had!

Shortly after Daisy’s fourth birthday, Claudia became interested in training one of her dogs for Pet Therapy. Much to her surprise, of her four dogs, the evaluators felt that Daisy was the most suited for this work. Although full of doubt, Claudia decided to put her faith into this tail-wagging, kooky, but lovable dog.

They began training together in a class with five other dogs. At the end of the training, experts from Pet Partners evaluated each handler and dog.

Much to her surprise, she and Daisy flew through the tests with flying colors! They were about to embark on a new adventure. Little did Claudia know how much this would change both their lives! Don’t miss this inspiring story of Daisy, a therapy dog who now brings cheer to many lives.

The inspiring story of Daisy the Goldendoodle

Daisy the Goldendoodle – Now a Pet Therapy dog

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