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Inspiring Story of the Week: Bygone Brooklyn


Bygone Brooklyn

Winner #Tales2Inspire #Inspiring Story

by Janet Rice

In this inspring story, one author recalls fond memories of her Brooklyn childhood.

Brooklyn in the 1950’s was a quilt of many ethnic and religious groups. In this story, Janet recalls those days following World War II with much fondness. When her Italian immigrant family arrived in this country, they settlled in Brooklyn. She lived in a neighborhood filled with families of many ethnicities, but in those days the Irish, Italian and Jewish families all blended together. Following World War II,  a spirit of patriotism permeated the air, and that spirit  fueled a common national identity. The public schools helped to encourage a feeling of national identity.  “We were all Amerians and proud of it,” explains Janet.

Memories of patriotism in past war BrooklynJanet is pictured above with her parents and two brothers.

By the middle to late 1950’s, Brooklyn’s image as the hub of industrial growth began to wane. The middle class left the old neighborhoods for Queens, Long Island and New Jersey.  This story tells of the indelible mark a Brooklyn childhood had on one young girl. It is both a  love story of Brooklyn and a coming of age tale.

Bygone Brooklyn is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Moonstone Collection – Book I


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