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T. H. Everingham

Congratulations to T. H. Everingham,

winner of  two inspiring stories

in separate Tales2Inspire® collections.

A Birthday Gift for Mom, an inspiring story published in

Tales2Inspire WinnerTales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection 

(Stories that Echo in the Mind) 

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Art Appreciation: The Anatomy of a Miracle, an inspiring story published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection

(Beyond Coincidence Stories) 

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 A Birthday Gift for Mom is a slice-of-life memory of little boy’s quandary in deciding how to spend part of his allowance to buy a birthday gift for Mom, and still have money left over for some of his weekly treats. Having chosen to give up his usual nickel slice of cake at the White Tower, he faced a new problem  –  what’s the most acceptable thing a nickel could buy?  His final choice provides him with years of nostalgic memories.

In Art Appreciation, Tom shares an amazing experience he had after discovering a discarded oil painting in a GoodWill store. Was this simply a series of coincidences?  Tom sees it as so much more. He firmly believes he was chosen as a vehicle for delivering an important message to this artist, a message that bolstered one man’s outlook on life.

A Fancy bar of soaps a special gift from child to his mom

A Birthday Gift For Mom


inspiring story of a Goodwill purchase and the artist who painted it

Carl Wahlberg’s favorite painting










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