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When her family received a letter from the Brevard Zoo asking for donations to build a home for orphaned Florida black bear cubs, MacKenzey jumped on board. But she didn’t want to just give money, she wanted to do everything in her power to help these animals survive.

The Brevard Zoo, located in Melbourne, Florida, was creating a home for orphaned black bears cubs. MacKensey thought this would be a perfect opportunity for her, so she jumped at the chance. You see, she was determined to stop this silent massacre of these wild animals, a determination that drove her to create what is now know as SOBB (Save our Black Bears). 

Brevard Zoo finds a home for Florida black bears
First black bear at the Brevard Zoo

The first young bear to find her home at the Brevard Zoo is serving as an ambassador for her species. She is providing visiting guests with the chance to learn more about coexisting with these amazing animals.


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