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Rod DiGruttolo

Four Time Winning Tales2Inspire winner, Rod DiGruttolo, for his inspiring stories: 

Pappy and the Bandleader Super Heroes, Painting a New House and Figo

Tales2Inspire Winner



Super Heroes is just one of Rod’s inspiring stories. It tells about the day workers from the Allegheny Window Washing Company dressed up as super heroes. Then they staged a day the critically ill children in their neighboring hospital would never forget. These workers suddenly appeared outside the children’s ward windows dressed in super hero costumes. What a treat for such sick little children. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes! That afternoon they were able to forgot all their pain. Instead they starred out the windows in disbelief. 

This story is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection (Gift of Compassion stories).

Learn more about this story.

 Painting a New House tells the humorous story of two little girls who couldn’t resist the open paint cans the workers left behind on a Friday afternoon. Good thing the foreman had a good sense of humor!

Painting a New House is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Crustal Collection (Stories to Tickle the Funny Bone).

Watch this video, starting at frame 2:36, for a lively presentation of this story.

A third inspiring story

Figo is the story of an amazing service dog. While placing his body between an approaching mini van and his legally blind partner, he save her life. Figo remained unmindful of his serious injuries to protect his charge from almost certain death.

This story is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection (Stories in Feathers and Fur).

It was my pleasure to collaborate with Rod on this story.

Although each of the above stories is a winner,

 Pappy and the Bandleader seems to remain everyone’s favorite.                  

Click here to read more about this all time winner! ‘Pappy’ is published in 

Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection (Stories that Echo in the Mind).


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Living in Sarasota, Florida for over sixty years, Rod DiGruttolo says he has enjoyed a life few can only dream of. His tales of growing up in perpetual summer are documented in a new book, Snakes, Spiders and Palmetto Bugs, available at and

Rod has experience in several fields. He made a career in the automotive repair field where he was a Certified Master in automobile and truck repairs. While young enough to enjoy these experiences, he also worked in a newspaper press room, operated a forklift in a carpet warehouse and spent one summer as a cowboy on a Florida ranch. Rod became a radio engineer while helping to design radio stations all over the country. Following in his father’s footsteps, he also served as a law enforcement officer. Recently retired, Rod works at his writing and offers his services as a “Story Doctor” to other authors.

Group leader for the Sarasota Writers Group for the past five years, Rod currently is one of our Tales2Inspire skilled editors

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