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This is the inspiring story of a ball of fur with green eyes

Glenda will never forget the day she first laid  eyes on Rambo. She was at her work desk when an employee asked her to follow him to the outer porch. Then he motioned for her to look inside a vertically standing cardboard cement forming tube. There were half a dozen pairs of little kitty eyes looking back at her. All of them had black fur with white paws, except for one. It was a male kitten with patches of gray/ tabby and patches of white on his face and body. Because of his coloring, he stood out from his little brothers and sisters.

A new kitten for Glenda

With a leather utility glove on her hand to protect it, Glenda reached in as far as she could. Although she could only grab his little head to pull him out, he didn’t squirm at all. She placed him in a cardboard box until later that day when she could take him home. Then she put her long sleeved jean shirt over a portion of the box so that he could get used to her scent. Perhaps he felt safe or maybe he just felt scared, but he stayed quiet for the rest of the day.

Can love be wrapped in fur, with green eyes and claws?

When Glenda returned home later that afternoon, at first she just stood in the doorway with a big smile on her face. Then she pulled back her jean shirt and the cat’s little head popped out. Bob just covered his eyes and wailed, “Oh, no!” They called their new kitty Rambo. They named him after the movie character, John Rambo, because he didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. Soon Rambo had them both wrapped around his little paw.


Inspiring story of a A kitty named Rambo

                     A kitty named Rambo

Whenever Glenda gardened, trimmed the yard or planted trees, Rambo would spend time outside with her. But he didn’t sit back doing nothing. He would walk the entire perimeter of the backyard along the privacy fence as if to check that everything was alright in his world.

A sad good-bye

After being with them for eight years, Rambo was becoming obese. At first they just thought that he was a big, happy cat. But sadly, they soon learned that he had liver disease and diabetes. Eventually they understood that the illness was winning. The good-bye was dreadfully painful.

The inspiring story

Both Glenda and her husband feel certain Rambo came into their lives for a special reason. When you read the rest of this story, you will understand their thoughts.

Visit Glenda’s blog for more about this story.

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