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Inspiring Story of the Week: POPPIES, PURDAH and FATIMA 



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by Sharon Bazant 

When the United Nations hired Sharon’s husband, Wayne, an expert in drug demand reduction, life changed for this family. They moved from their cozy Canadian suburb to the other side of the world. After living in Islamabad, Pakistan for only three months, they had the opportunity to visit the poppy fields in a mountainous tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. Suddenly they caught sight of terraced fields of delicate poppies. That was an inspring moment. The beauty of these colorful poppies was undeniable!

But then they saw something rather frightening. Several  fierce-looking men with AK-47’s were standing guard over the poppies. Shaken by what they saw before them, Sharon and Wayne were ready to return to their home-away-from-home. But their interpreter had another idea.

Now here comes the inspiring part to this story:

an #Inspiring story of a visit with a family living in the mountains of Pakistan

When their guide asked if they would like to visit a Pashtun family, they couldn’t resist. Soon Sharon came face to face with Fatima, a shy smiling woman living a harsh mountain life in purdah. This meeting had a profound and lasting effect on Sharon. Despite the simplicity of their lives, she was struck by the notion that each human life is to be valued. It doesn’t matter whether it is someone living in a comfortable Canadian suburb or a person living in a rudimentary home in the foothills of the Himalayas. And that awareness changed the path of Sharon’s life.

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