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by Dr. Stan Cupery

Some believe miracles can and do exist while others are not so sure. Regardless of one’s perspective, actual proof of miracles is not easy to come by. Several stories in Tales To Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection (Beyond Coincidence stories) provide proof that miracles can happen. This particular inspiring story might just deepen your faith in the nature of miracles.


In the inspiring story, The Voice, Stan Cupery M.D. tells the story of a man named Dr. Don Lloyd.  Although Dr. Lloyd was a close personal friend, he never shared this story with any of his friends. Stan only learned about it when Dr. Lloyd’s son shared it as part of a eulogy at his father’s funeral. Although it reads like a work of fiction, Stan assured me that every word of this story is true, with only the doctor’s name changed.


Here is his inspiring story

Dr. Lloyd was on duty at the hospital emergency room when a newborn baby arrived.  The mother had left the infant on the basement floor of an abandoned building in the dead of winter.  Frozen solid as a piece of meat, many would surmise this baby was doomed. But Dr. Lloyd wouldn’t give up.

First he attempted all medically known interventions to revive this nearly frozen solid infant, without success. He and his staff of five nurses realized that time was running out. Nothing was working. Then they all heard a voice telling them: “Ask God for help.”

During a quiet moment of reflection, the doctor got an idea. Although it was an untested method, he thought it worth a try. Anything is worth a try to save a baby’s life. I’ve has been trying every known life saving method from the outside in, he thought to himself. Let me try the reverse, working from the inside out.



After you finish reading this most inspiring story, perhaps you will begin to wonder about the existence of angels in human form. Is it possible they truly can appear, to watch over us and help our prayers unfold?  Sometimes a human angel might just touch your life in a mysterious way.

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