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Frank Iannella

Humorous Story of the challenges of caring for a neighbor's plants

 Hitchcock’s Train is a humorous story of looking back with laughter on an event from this author’s youthful days.

“Just like in the movies!” That was what Frank D. Iannella expected at the beginning of his humorous story. Frank felt certain he was entering Alfred Hitchcock’s world of intrigue and suspense when he booked passage on the Inverness overnight express. Unfortunately, by the time he got off the train, instead he felt disappointed and humiliated. Now he looks back with laughter as he retells his story.

Frank had always dreamed of taking an overnight train, without a care in the world about where it was headed. He didn’t hesitate for a moment when he had an opportunity to take a long weekend away from his dreary research job, because it seemed like the most daring thing he could do. Frank already had seen Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes and The 39 Steps several times and both movies had left an indelible impression. He immediately booked passage on the overnight Inverness Express, hoping for a similar adventure, but it turned into a humorous story instead.

It was a dark, gloomy night when he arrived at Kings Cross Station. Frank didn’t mind because it set the mood perfectly for his anticipated adventure! He opened the door to his train compartment. Dull green drapes covered the upper berth. A yellow paper shade covered half the window. There was barely enough room to turn around, yet to Frank it felt wonderfully cozy. As the train slowly pulled out, he felt a shiver up his spine. He was actually on his way to Inverness, traveling in Hitchcock’s world of film fantasy!

The humorous story, Hitchcock's Train

                Hitchcock’s Train

Filled with reckless energy, Frank decided to explore the train. He felt confidant that this expedition would lead to all sorts of thrilling encounters. He might even find some material for a screenplay that “The Master” had overlooked. Frank thought walking would be easy, but it turned out to be more difficult than he expected because the train abruptly jerked from one side to the other. Nonetheless, he continued to make his way down the corridor, where an elderly but distinguished gentleman approached him. This encounter is the beginning of a humorous story that continues in Hitchcock’s Train. Frank looks back with laughter on this experience, one he is unlikely to forget. But one thing he learned for sure is that imagination has little in common with reality.

Watch the video trailer frames 1:52 – 3:09 for a lively presentation of Frank’s story.

 here to learn more about Frank and his other published works. 

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