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by Joe Satriano


Joe gives us some laugh out loud moments in his humorous story about the day he almost did “it” with his girlfriend Susan.  He admits that they had been cuddly close during the past two years, but they had never done “it”. Now the time was ripe. Sue had turned down her parents’ offer to travel to California that summer. Similarly, Joe had turned down his family’s offer to move out to Eastern Long Island. Instead, they chose to stay in Brooklyn to be close and keep the magic alive. Summer had arrived and the young love birds had decided that today would be their day.

Humorous story of young love

Young love and hormones are flowing

The humorous story of a young romance

Sue reassured Joe that all would be fine and that she would help him. Somehow he thought he was going to need a lot of help. His heart started racing when Sue took his hand and led him into her parent’s bedroom. The coast was clear because her parents were on the other side of the United States. So they ambled onto Sue’s parent’s bed, and started to kiss and hug as they had done many times before. Sue unbuttoned his shirt, and Joe undid her blouse. They had been at this stage before, but never beyond. The setting was right, the feelings were high and their blood was pumping.

Just then, they heard a knock, knock, knock, followed by the ring of the doorbell. They froze, silent and motionless. A voice called, “Susan, Susan, are you in there?” It was Sue’s grandmother. Sue knew her grandmother had a front door key and would let herself in if she didn’t respond.

What were they to do?

I got quite a chuckle out of making this video. I hope you will too.

Watch frames  1:08 – 2:10 for Joe’s story in video format.

A couple of things were obvious to both Sue and Joe. First, Grandma had a mission to accomplish while the rest of the family was in California, and even though she couldn’t tail Sue and me 24/7, NOTHING was going to happen on HER watch. Secondly, this just wasn’t going to be the day. Mission aborted.


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