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Inspiring Story of the Week: Happily Ever After



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by Donna Penzak

The inspiring story of a victim who turns heroine of her own story

Once upon a time is the beginning to all great fairy tales.  And in this inspiring story, just like in so many magical Disney stories, the heroine starts out with a bumpy beginning.

     And so…a long, long time ago, in a kingdom known as Brooklyn, a tiny feisty red-haired daughter was born. To those on the outside looking in, it was the perfect loving household. But for this middle child, love had nothing to do with it.  

     “I’ll be good daddy, I promise,” begged the little red-haired girl. Her father physically and verbally hurt her almost daily. And so she continued to utter those same words throughout elementary school and adolescence. What did he accomplish? He succeeded in beating her strength and outgoing personality deep into submission. Sometimes her mother just stood by and watched. Sometimes she knew just the right thing to say to set him off.  

The #Tales2Inspire #inspiring story of success after domestic abuse

     This little girl grew up. She thought  she had escaped, sighing with relief, the day she married an old friend. But soon she realized this was no wedded bliss. It was a repeat of the terror she’d experienced her entire life, only this time it had a new name: domestic abuse, at the hands of her husband. Why hadn’t she stood up  for herself? Two children later and about to give up, did she have other options?

     And then, one day, everything changed, because as everyone knows, in fairy tales happily ever after is never far away. 

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