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by Stephen Hernández

This story begins in tragedy, but ends as a most uplifting, inspiring story.

The take-away message is that dark times really can reverse themselves.

Imagine being faced with your wife’s sudden death bankruptcy and an incurable cancer – all in the same year. Stephen felt his life was without hope, until a chance discovery of a lost identity card led to a meeting that changed his life. This is a beautiful story of love and redemption, reminding us that even in one’s darkest hours, hope can prevail.

The doctors assured Stephen that his wife’s brain tumor was benign, but it turned out to be even larger than expected. The surgeons, some of the best in this fine London Hospital, had to stop the surgery when hemorrhaging ensued. Stephen sat by her bedside for three days before accepting the fact that she was brain dead, before saying a tearful goodbye.

Stephen fell into a deep depression, ignoring his business until he fell into bankruptcy. And then, quite by chance, he found a foreign student’s identity card with a number to call in case it was found.  Stephen called, spoke with the landlady, and decided to hand deliver the card to the near-by address. As soon as he met the owner of that identity card, they both knew they liked each other.  They discovered their common interests of art and literature, became fast friends and then more than just friends. But that was before Stephen learned that he needed an organ transplant.

In Italy after transplant


Gavin Chappell, well respected and prolific English writer, college lecturer and  editor, writes:

“Stephen tells a dark, heart-rending tale of personal loss and yet of incredible triumph over adversity.

An inspiring read!”

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This story is shortlisted by the Royal Geographical Society and the BBC for ‘The Journey of a Lifetime’ award.

Congratulations, Stephen!

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