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This is the inspiring story of a guide dog put to the ultimate test and passed with flying colors.

Audrey, a woman who is legally blind, and her Guide Dog, Figo, were crossing the street when suddenly she was laying on the pavement, suffering excruciating pain. Her elbow, ankle and ribs hurt terribly, yet her main concern was Figo. Somehow he made it to her side in those frightening, confused minutes following the crash. His leg was badly cut, but even so, he struggled to be at her side.

Witnesses reported that the couple had started to cross the street just as a Minibus was turning the corner. The distracted bus driver hadn’t seen the woman and her faithful companion until the last second. Figo responded instantly, leaping between Audrey and the bus. Cushioned from the brunt of the impact by the dog’s body, Audrey’s injuries could have been deadly if not for Figo. The dog’s bravery and split second reaction can only be called amazing.


Figo, a Miracle Dog – Courtesy of Middlebranch Veterinary, Carmel,NY

Figo’s inspiring story continues

While some witnesses called 911 others rushed to aid the injured pair. Figo struggled to stay with his charge, refusing to leave her side until he knew she was receiving proper care. Balancing on three legs, bleeding and in pain, Figo stood by, guarding his friend from further harm. Watching with soft expressive eyes, he allowed medical personnel access to Audrey as she lay on the pavement.

Then, as they lifted Audrey into the ambulance, Figo hobbled at her side. The gash to the bone in Figo’s leg had to be most painful, but he’d stood by, undaunted and vigilant. Audrey wanted Figo to accompany her to the hospital, but his injuries, too, required prompt medical care. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t allow veterinary specialists to transport him for treatment until he was sure Audrey was safe. Figo’s actions so moved another bystander, that he stepped forward to pay Figo’s vet bills.

Recovery Time

Figo spent the next three months healing in the care of the vet while Audrey healed, first in the hospital and later at home. He was a delight, making many new friends around the vet’s office. But throughout the whole time, he occasionally looked up at his harness with a quizzical tilt to his head.

After three months Figo had made a full physical recovery, but only time would tell about his mental state. Would he be able to take up his duties as though nothing had happened? Unfortunately, when a guide dog suffers injuries or mental trauma, there is a possibility they will be forced into retirement. But Audrey calls Figo her Miracle Dog, with good reason.

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