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Inspiring Story of the Week – Ernie and Me

INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEKFinalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

Ernie and Me

by Eliza Laffin

Ernie was standing in the hallway when the door opened. He launched himself into his mother’s arms with a shout, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” and wrapped his arms around her neck. He was three-and-a-half years old. She picked him up and brought him inside, then crouched down and put her hands on his son’s waist. The mother looked at him, his eyes shiny and bright – her speech severely impaired – as she struggled to form words.

“Mmm- amm ha-ha-vvvnn ha-ha-nn t-t-t ww wwm wo-wo-wo,” was the best the mom could do. What she meant was, “Mama’s having a hard time finding words.” 

 Ernie met his mom’s eyes. He pressed himself against her and wrapped his arms around her neck. “Don’t worry, Mama,” he said in her ear. She could feel his heartbeat against her chest as they held each other. “I can help you.”

A Tales2Inspire winner titled Ernie and Me

It never occurred to the mother she would suffer a brain injury, survive a stroke, and learn later her child was diagnosed as twice-exceptional with high-functioning autism. Both of them had cognitive disabilities to contend with but after a while, Ernie embraced his different-ness, as did his mom after her stroke. Today, because their brains are differently wired, their connection is deeper than ever.

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